About This Proposed National Dialogue

When A People is Given To Playing The Ostrich

So much talk is going on now about discussing our continued existence as a people. And many people are even blaming the day we were brought together to be a country, as well as suspecting the agenda of the actors in that fact.

I am constrained to never speak with ulterior motives, not to side anyone, but to let all see that there is only one side - the side that is good for all. I am not a politician, and I am not a leader with interest to protect in any area. Except, that I am hoping that people should turn their eyes from things and others they think are the problem in our country; and look at themselves.

Yes, let each person look at himself or herself; and say whether you are a good human being. Humans are not humans until they relate or interact with other humans. Selfishness, manipulation and always taking advantage of others as a policy of interaction hardly makes for good relations.

Human beings make the country, not the geographical demarcation. Most grown-ups today are failed children, failed projects of their parents. And the world is now reaping the bad harvest from that failure. But we all see ourselves as not being the problem, that some others are. So we think, if we could just take out others that the world would be a better place.

Those who by their selfish and anti-social disposition make a multi-tribe country un-viable, will make a single tribe nation equally so when they find themselves in one; and they are everywhere . It is a very selfish world we live in today. Do we call our parents to a meeting to discuss our conditions of staying together as a family if there are erring members, or those who have become embarrassment to the family?

In a situation as this, where for a very long time the confidence of the populace in governance has been worn to near zero, who will initiate a process to re-orient and re-invent the people? The failure of the people in government over time has given growth to this culture of selfishness as many have written off the hope that there is something good in it all for us.

So who will start this ethical revolution? The terminal nature of incumbency, I can see, would make it difficult for any particular administration to want to. This is because good conscience demands that we practice what we advocate. The one who starts it must of necessity refrain from doing all the wrong things we have done that got us thinking we needed to talk - such as corruption, nepotism, aggrandizement etc. If he initiates it, who is to ensure the next man continues? Herein lies probably one of the the most thinkable causes why leaders in Africa tend to want to sit tight, to facilitate continuity. But, they just can't stay on forever and become living national monument in order to guard a reform.

Times indeed change, and a people must suffer the conditions of the times they permit to come upon them. As a little boy I remember my late grandmother often telling me that one cannot escape bad people just by changing location. They were sure to find one sooner or later as they are everywhere. 

Our country has a people problem, and it cannot be legislated. You can't force a person to be a good neighbor. You may take him to court, but you would have made a worse enemy than you started with. It is not the fact that we are from different origins that is our problem. It doesn't even come to mind in any interpersonal contact. It is our institutional unfairness to ourselves that is the bridge-breaker. God knows that those who disappoint us the most are those we call our own. But whilst there are others to blame, we like to keep from thinking about them. As soon as the fall guys are removed, if ever, I assure you all hell will be let loose.

There are families in which members do not see eye to eye, yet they relate with outsiders like angels. If affinity is indeed a guarantee of harmony, then what went wrong with those ones? Lets not belittle the life we have been given as we can't relive it; at least not in this time frame. Would you have your life another way, another place? Really?

We have been gradually losing our values and thus, our humanity through the years. We abuse each other and steal from each other. We even kill easily now, where we used not to be able to look upon a corpse. What we have is a crisis of conscience. 

God can heal us, though. But I know the religious ones would be at loggerheads with each other over which religion is true. All I can say to them is that their adherents should seek God in spirit and truth, and He will reveal Himself to them. A godless people will not be established. A statesman I am admiring from afar said recently that what is morally wrong cannot be politically right. But living by God's standards is way beyond morality. 

We would surely die if we, knowing the truth, kept pretending that we didn't. What I hate in this my life so far, is seeing people with power and in position to make a positive difference, but they do nothing. They don't want to rock the boat. Well, like it or not, someone else is rocking the boat; but you'll be held accountable by He before whom all men must give account. Why? You had the power, but you were busy trying to be a nice guy to the wrong crowd and someone usurped it. We are not to live for ourselves. We have a duty to God and to man. We will not all hold offices, but those who do should do a heavenly job of it, so that the rest of the world could actualize their purpose on earth. 

Why therefore this deceit about holding a national conference? Are politicians seeking ways to kill time for lack of ideas as to what to do about our many challenges? Why are we electing to bury our heads in the sand when we know obviously what is wrong with our land? Shouldn't governments at every level be working, rendering sincere and efficient services to the people so that we might see and perhaps, begin to turn around?

If we do not change the way we are, splitting into a thousand units will not make things right. People are disenchanted because of the failure of government through the years to meet their expectation. Therefore, as long as we have this notion of holding office for self aggrandizement, the few who rule will always seek to corner power for their own benefits no matter the setting. 
So, please, leave that deceiving proposal of a discuss alone. You are already over-paid for whatever you do, do not go on holiday too when you are supposed to be working. Govern well first. People will see when you are doing right. In darkness light does not need to announce itself, it shows from afar!



Anambra's Need is Beyond Politics

As Anambra state is clearly lagging behind in development compared to her surrounding neighbors, one would have thought that the custodians of the conscience of the state would readily embrace such proven and willing persons as Charles Soludo and Dora Akunyili are. Intellectuals and technocrats, as they are, could readily bring about a speedy turn around in the development of the state.

I wish and hope that people of Soludo and Akunyili's clout and calibre would be elected into governance in Anambra state going forward. It is a wise person that knows that he has no know-how and seeks to acquire it.It should no longer be governance 'as usual'.
What Anambra state needs now is beyond politics. We want our dear homeland back. We need a task force or a coalition of all the personalities who are proven and known successes in their chosen fields of enterprise to come join hands and overhaul Anambra State. The rest of Nigeria can play politics, but in Anambra we should INVITE performers to come take COMMAND and RESTORE our homeland to a conducive place to live and produce.

Please, put politics away and let the best men and women take up the jobs of governance. In this respect, I'll like to see someone like Mr Olisa Agbakoba to constitute people like himself who are the brains of Anambra to undertake to enlighten our people on the need to rescue our homeland from stagnation and perpetual path of no direction. 

For when it's all said and done, we would like to come home to our homeland. We are tired of scattering our wealth all over the world. In all the confusion prevailing in Nigeria today, Anambra is our sure home. Igboland is our sure inheritance in the Nigerian project. Let our choice indigenes embark on exclusively developing Igboland without giving thought to any political party affiliation. 

We are Israel, let us always remember. We want to come home to a place that works.   


Let Us Tell The Truth.

Deportation of Nigerians by a Nigerian within Nigeria!!!

2015 seems a thousand years away. As such, a lot of water can still pass under the bridge. And President Jonathan could very well be the last president of united Nigeria, if the operators of government do not think through their actions before they take it.
It is now about seventy-two hours since I heard on a radio talk program (Nigeria Info fm) that Gov Fashola deported some Nigerians to their purported state of origin (Anambra), dumping them on the road just after crossing the Niger Bridge into Onitsha.
And the justifying ground for the Fashola led Lagos State administration according to their law chief, Mr Ipaye, is that these citizens were found on the streets of Lagos ' without jobs and homeless, and thus, suspected to be elements who would easily yield themselves to criminality'.
Notwithstanding that this seeming rash action of Lagos State is an infringement of the constitutional right of those citizens, Gov Peter Obi of Anambra state appeared to have been left in the dark about this nationally sensitive development. 
What went wrong? Why does it look like Lagos State deliberately wants to stir up trouble? Has there been an underground tussle or political disagreement between Govs Fashola and Obi that has now given birth to this careless action? We say, here in Nigeria, that the toad does not run without cause at noon! This is political antagonism and vindictiveness taken too far. How so convenient that it is only citizens purportedly from Anambra State that were subjects of the deportation!
On Channels tv news last night, Gov Obi said he had written the President on the distasteful action of Lagos State. Reacting to this, Gov Fashola lamely stated that Gov Obi should have talked to him instead! It begs to be stated that Lagos is the one who slighted Anambra by not liaising with them in the first place, isn't it? This whole thing just makes one want to hate people who use public office to settle scores!

If I played the psychic, I would say that Mr Ipaye drove the action past his governor in their openly perceived paddy-paddy attitude. And now the governor is having to ratify an un-ratifiable mis-deed.
Whilst I am willing to grant him the benefit of doubt, I can't help seeing that Mr Ipaye's action betrays tribalism in him which should not be tolerated at that level of control in Nigeria today.
We must forgive ourselves, though! And for starters, I suggest Gov Fashola lets Mr Ipaye go; before he embarrasses him irreparably! He appears to have pushed too far his now visible agenda to turn Lagos into a police state. And with flagrant abuse like this; proponents of state police should reconsider their stance.
Further, Gov 'Fash' should go to his brother in Awka and apologise to him and to the Igbo speaking citizens of Nigeria. Yes, despite the letter written to Mr President. It is obvious that bad blood is brewing. Let them cool it down, we are already angry enough for both of them not to add their super diplomatic one into it. Let their reconciliation overtake the president's intervention ( if any at all would be made). It never hurts to say sorry, especially in your family. It helps you keep your friends.
I am an Igbo man born in the East, but grew up in Lagos. Schooled, worked and paid all my taxes in Lagos. Everybody to whose life I have added value and who have added value to mine are mainly Western Nigerians (the Yorubas). All my children were born here and have been numbered as indigenes of Lagos! It does not give me a good feeling knowing that all this may not make any difference, if one day, somebody wakes up and decides to discountenance all that.

This ill-conceived action has the makings of the infraction for which bombs are being thrown all over Northern Nigeria today. Let us tell the truth! We should not take it for granted that Nigeria will continue in peace and oneness. We need to work at it, and be mindful of ourselves. We need to help it. We need to encourage it. May we not use our own hands to turn us into refugees in this world! 
Who is willing to make the effort with me? Raise your hands. Get to work!  



How Much Worse Can Nigeria Get?

Parents and guardians pay for 'mercenaries' to sit for examinations on behalf of their wards.
These same parents pay employers to obtain job placements for their wards.
Official stealing, embezzlement and corruption is rampant and officially condoned.
Abuse of official privileges and statutory powers...
And nowhere is home anymore as you can be kidnapped, or gunned-down or bombed to pieces or robbed anywhere without protection.
I know that those who have things going their way would write this off as the rantings of an 'unprivileged'. But, be that as it may, I perceive that BLOOD is crying out against Nigeria, and she shall never be delivered! Nigeria shall not be delivered because those who run her affairs in public offices are aloof to the realities on ground!
God grants deliverance and you will never meet God's requirement being constituted by a mixed-multitude as you are. You will never agree on what is virtuous and right. Nigeria will never stand, Nigeria  will never progress given the way you are because you will never DO God's will as you ARE!
Those of you who can, go and buy yourselves citizenship of distant lands; and while at it, learn how to be citizens because your land will not endure. 
Your abomination vex heaven, but you know it not. You will never all be stricken in your heart for God to accept your penance. There will always be sin in your camp, and it must not continue.
Do not be deceived by the liars who prophecy to you better days. You shall all be consumed except you flee Nigeria. Send your selves on exile before God sends you Himself.
The blood of all the innocent people shed on the alter of state and complicity of state cry out against this land, and they will not be appeased! Why not? Because you don't even know they've been wronged. And you will never agree that they have been wronged.
Nigeria is a mistake that must be cancelled! We need a fresh page to plot on afresh! We shall only be prolonging the restart time as we keep forcing this mistake to work out well. It never will!


Abuja Estate Demolition / Freeze of Fund Manager's Funds / Arbitrary Write-off of Shareholder's Funds in Afribank, BankPHB / Non-Payment of Severance Pay to Former Staff of Banks Killed for Inability to Recapitalize

The fundamental rights of citizens are being blatantly over-ruled in Nigeria. A Nigeria that continues to allow this is eroding on the loyalty of her people.
The authoritarian streak of office holders in Nigeria has really got out of hand. The magnitude of abuse, impunity and insensitivity being meted out unto citizens by government appointees is going to precipitate a chaos beyond that we can imagine.
Military tendencies are continuously invoked  by supposed democrats to forcibly still dissent. If this is democracy, then the military era was heaven on earth!
Many die today who have no business being dead now. And those living who previously had some measure of control on their lives are forced down the zone of extreme poverty. 
What in the world is wrong with Nigeria? Does someone have an agenda to turn Nigerians against Nigeria?
Leadership is sacrifice, but Nigerians use leadership to snatch even what is not available to be snatched from those who own it. Is this not the 1960s repeating itself all over again?
This continuing impunity will drive the people to fightback. Let wrongs be redressed o! Let those in power hear now o!
Let this culture of abuse of people's rights by government fiat be expunged from the psyche of anyone in authority o!
 Don't make militants of the rest of us o. If you do, it will swallow you o! If you have ears, hear what the people are feeling o!


UNILAG Deserves to Keep its Name!

Since the day that General Babangida sacked the striking pilots (?) and  Mr Paschal Bafiau ran for the office of the president of Nigeria; the Labour Union - still and only challenger of govt highhandedness- was compromised, weakened and broken. And lawlessness set-in in the land unchecked.
I am a product of the private sector. I saw how the private sector ran rough-shod over the unionized workers with nobody to restrain them.
Their rationale is, if the govt could perpetuate and get away with lawlessness, who has the moral standing to call anyone else doing so to order.
Since then, LAWLESSNESS became the norm in all spheres of dealings in Nigeria. Only a person of honor will walk away from a fight he knows he has an upper hand in.
It is good to honor late M K O Abiola, but UNILAG does not have to be killed to do that. UNILAG is a name just as big as, if not bigger than late M K O's. It is an established brand, and whether we passed through her or not, it a brand Nigeria should be proud to keep. The history of 50 years with all the great people that passed through UNILAG should not be allowed to be rubbished.
Since Dr Jonathan and his cohorts lack original ideas of how to honour M K O Abiola, how about them asking to rename ASO ROCK  to M K O Abiola Villa. After all the present politicians are riding on the opportunity paid for with Abiola's blood.
Then again, Aso Rock is really no name. No, not inspiring.With a name as M K O Abiola Villa for the Abuja govt house, every aspirant and eventual occupant of the house would be constantly reminded of their duty and what it cost for them to have the chance to serve.
So please, let UNILAG keep her name, Dr Jonathan. Stop heating up our lives by your uninformed, ill-advised and ill-considered actions. Really, Mr President, the country is uneasy and you do have greater pressing matters. Or does someone in your cabinet have a personal axe to grind with UNILAG?


Who Can Succeed Gov. Fashola, Eventually?

Thinking aloud,... let us imagine we can see tomorrow from today. What is all this hue and cry over Mrs Tinubu wanting tobecome a senator? Well, since Nigerian politicians are becoming more proficient in making calculations, let us consider this possibility:
Given that it makes sense to allow Gov. Fashola to complete the projects he has in the mill, what happens when in four years his second tenure in office lapses? Remember, though, that these same projects for which he is now receiving praises and accolades were originally initiated by his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
That said, now, who will be able to take over from Fashola, since he seems to have grown larger than life, not only in Lagos, but almost country-wide; and via the internet, globally. Let me quickly say that it is not right and safe that a man should be so thought of, in any case. It feels like magic; and magic, you know, is diabolical!Fashola is still a man, not an angel; and even angels have been known to have fallen short of expectations in time past.
So, with a 'god-like' image woven around him, who can succeed Gov. Fashola in 2015.? Especially, considering the dismal showing by way of opposition from the other political parties represented in Lagos.It leaves one despairing that there is nobody else left in 'Eko' who easures anywhere near Fashola to be able to take over the job when he leaves.
Now here is what the Spirit inspired me to perceive:
Since Asiwaju Tinubu is himself constitutionally prevented from returning to recover power from Fashola directly, he has this grand design to make his wife, Oluremi Tinubu, a senator during Fashola's second tenure. To what end, you ask? So that she can learn the political ropes in readiness to run for the governors job in 2015. Crazy, right?! Well, it appears Mr Fashola was just holding the office in trust for his 'hero of democracy'! Keeping it in the family you might say!
Lagos is, after all, not  a 'no man's land' as some people erroneously believed. Lagos seems to have become the family property of a man while the rest of us were being led on.
Further more this request, even by Gov. Fashola, that we should vote for all ACN candidates as if without thinking, is to me in bad taste. I mean, Tinubu I knew, Fashola I am beholding but who are these others who want to have it easy under their shadows? Asiwaju got one thing right, though. It is true we did not think Fashola would do as well as he is appearing to have done. However, we are not about to make a habit of handing over our lives to unproven hands, especially those who hide under the canopy of their political parties instead of showing themselves to us. Fashola should appreciate that in this this dispensation we are voting for personalities, not parties. If we voted Fashola in, it would not be because he is of ACN. It will be because we have seen the man working. His party is just as direction-less as all the others. Let all the other candidates in this election know therefore that they would be doing themselves a world of good if they de-emphasised their party affiliations and emphasise their personal accomplishments. 
This 2011 general elections will be the foundation of things we would long live with for years to come. As it seems democracy is finally taking  real root. Therefore, vote wisely, vote dispassionately; vote for the general progress of all our peoples country-wide. In this election we are not looking for super parties, we are looking for super people.



When a Man does not Recognise the Time of God's Visitation

So what is the big deal about Jonathan running for office next election? Is he not already the President? And the Niger Delta region people , how they carry on these days about next year's Jonathan makes the rest of us feel left out of it all; even the way the Bruce family is using their resources to spread propaganda. Haba!
If a man becomes a President, is he not the president for all citizens? Why do I get this uneasy feeling that next year's Jonathan will be a President for the Niger Delta people alone?

Suddenly, everywhere I turn someone is showcasing Ijaw this or  Ijaw that as if they had just migrated to Nigeria; as if they themselves are just being aware that they exist. Well, all I will say to Jonathan is the same thing I said to Obama when the fanfare of his election was going on. I said to him
'' be the best you can be now for there may never be another chance for you to return to the White House ever again; not you nor any black person for a very very long time to come''.
Now, we all know that Obama has since been looking like the best thing that ever happened to American politics.
But Jonathan is not Obama, and could never come close to being him. Obama is sharp and doesn't look like one who will be hoodwinked. I guess it comes with the environment. America will not just tolerate it. Subtly, Jonathan people are likening him to Obama.The difference could not have been further apart as night is from day. Unless, for the offset they seek to create in the general election coming. Again, Obama was not an incumbent. Can Jonathan really fold his hands and let power slip away from him naturally?! Would he not intervene using the government might at his disposal? He can do it, and he would be excused by the country as he is the incumbent. That  is the difference between America and Nigeria. America will not stand for it!

Therefore, instead of Jonathan dreaming about next year's election, he should have taken the opportunity that God threw on his laps and used the guaranteed twelve months he had as President to do memorable things. 'Hey, Jo, live for now like there will be no tomorrow. Although, it must look like you have wasted so much time plotting to stay on  that you haven't got round to doing anything outstanding.'

I was saying that he should have been contented with what the gods have given him and do his best with it. If it then please them to extend his stay in office, then he will be grateful.
But not to have used an existing opportunity well enough and be looking for another one smirks of dereliction of duty and ingratitude to the gods. He should have appreciated that his government is a child of circumstance. It does not mean he is the best person this land can produce at this point in time for the presidency, no thanks to Chief Aremu Obasanjo. And the sycophants rallying around him should not delude themselves in same.

Jonathan’s government is much like Ernest Shonekan's interim government which late Sani Abacha relieved him of. Shonekan did not subsequently demand that he becomes  the president either by election or otherwise. In fact, with all due respect to the man, I think he realized he was way out of his league.

Jonathan should see too that he is possibly  not the best man for that job in this country now. He should serve as an unbiased umpire in facilitating a credible free and fair election to bring out the leader for the season that we await hungrily. He should avoid being misled by pretenders because, unlike our past military leaders, if he offends this land we will not let him get away with it. He does not have the clout to bragado it away. So, let Bro Jonathan search himself and be sure he really, really can do the job exceptionally.

Should he, Jonathan, feel capable in the future, he would have become a more matured and seasoned statesman for such a sensitive national task and not many people will be in doubt as to his readiness to lead us. But for now, we cannot afford to embark on the Jonathan experiment for the next four years. We cannot afford another President who has no mind of his own, who relies heavily on advisers who invariably manipulate him to do their whims and caprices.

Sorry to disappoint you Jonathan fans, but it's not about any one man. It is though about this perpetually green land. It is about our continued existence and survival as one nation. We just don't have the time to experiment any more. How much lower do we have to descend before we realize that we are running out of time?

I know that someone will emerge to take up the high office at Abuja. It might not be someone we are familiar with, but that person is a Nigerian well equipped for the work and the identity will be revealed surely if we all agree to let it be.  


Creating a Fundamental Argument Essay For a College Course

I really do not know when the habit began, but it

has become the in-
thing now to have someone else write for you your

presentation. I first
learnt of this happening when I heard the term

'speech-writers' used in relation to
those people who produce speeches for political

leaders. Top officials of both public and private

sector organizations
often keep a team of speech-writers. When I first

knew about this way of
generating speeches by our leaders my first feeling

was that they were not honest
really in what they say after all.

We hear such fine speeches made these days that

arouse such moving sensation,
but they were somebody else's thoughts and

convictions. I feel this is wrong. If you believe

it, say it yourself; say it the best way you can,

but say it in your own special way. To me, back in

the days, I felt it was dishonest of
someone to ask another to say for him what he ought

to say. I bet that is how
the phrase 'politically correct' came about. They

just want to hear you
saying the right thing whether it's you saying it,

does not matter!

Well, I know I can't change the world, but since

everyone has accepted our
leaders lying to us, it is no surprise that no one

makes them accountable for what they have said. How

could anyone, when the speakers themselves
are not in touch with the contents of their speech.

Someone made them say it,
and most of us know it; so who would blame them for

not doing what they said!

Writing and speech-making seems to have gone on to

take the form described
above in our time. If you need anything saying

these days and you have the cash, you'd
always find someone ready and willing to do it for

you. Image makers push out propaganda to make

things seem the way they are not. So now people

up materials and all you need to do is append your

name to them. So much for
our literary contents these days. With the

existence of virtual assistants
some even piece-up a book in no time and publish

and have it up for sale as
their product without making any input whatsoever.

Even when they feel the
need to proof-read, they also hire another virtual

assistant. What a day we
live in! And why not, even some women would have

others carry their pregnancies for
them these days!

The world has become so easy, we ask others to do

for us the most personal of services.
Even when a husband mistakenly forgets that today

is his wedding anniversary
he asks someone in his office to go buy a gift for

his wife. Anything that
person feels is adequate for the occasion does it!

With writing, especially
on-line writing, you see contents being re-cycled

all over using the software
everyone knows exist today. Content managers, such

as article directories, should
not be so hard when they discover that what someone

has presented to them as
an original has actually been making the rounds for

a while.

Is it too late to stop the damage? To have writers

write their
inspiration and speakers speak from the depth of

their hearts? The art of
writing and speaking has been corrupted and is in

grave danger of being lost;
especially with the ease that the internet offers.

Will there be something
worth bequeathing to the next generation when it's

done. Shakespeare, nor
Julius Caesar did not get to be this way. It is

really up to us, writers and
publishers and speakers, what we make of today.


You Take Away Joy

You take away joy from the lives of those who know you, from the lives of those who love you; when you don’t make the most of yourself. When you don’t clean up yourself, other people close to you must often do it for you; and it’s such a headache! Everyone has enough trouble of their own in this Topsy turvy world. It is true that we help each other bear our burdens occasionally, still everyone should try their best to not always be on the intensive care list!

Over my recent past ten years, I have come to have a glimpse of what God might be feeling regarding us not going straight when we don't. I mean, when you have kids you expect them to exhibit certain maturity traits as they grow up. And we die inside when we don’t see what we believe should be happening in them. But that’s with kids: we judge them too early; jacket them up too quickly, cutting them no slacks! Whilst most of the time they are really about to get somewhere but we are too impatient to see!

We know God is long-suffering, but if we were Him, we’d have wiped off the world a long time ago. When we have our acts together it is not an assurance that we won’t hurt, or be embarrassed or suffer pain. No. If we ourselves are together and any of our friends or family members is 'messed up' or can’t seem to find a bearing to life, we’d be dragged into every complication they create. And you know, we would feel their discomfort too; regardless of how together we ourselves may be!

So, I make a promise to myself to not be a burden to my family, near or far. Not to my country, nor to humanity at large. I vow to myself to not cause pain to anyone; whether blood-related to me or a stranger, by the choices I make and the actions I take or don’t take. I commit myself to raising my children to being complete in themselves, needing each other for the sake of family, supporting each other, being there for one another; but not necessarily depending on each other. I expect every one of them to make it through life in their own standing as bonafide members of the universal human family . Much better than I have done, I expect them to mind their affairs very well so that whatever their situation, whether external factors are favorable or not, they’d still live independently with dignity. Achieving this is a tall expectation even if you have no one else factoring themselves into your equation in a world which has become unstable in all things. How much so when you have others to carry?!

Much as we desire to get to our planned destination, because of these inherent and seeming diversions I came to the philosophy that perhaps they are all part of the journey. The intrusions, the distractions, the diversions and setbacks that are brought upon us by our relationships all seem to me to give quality and description to the story of our lives. To avoid or evade them would mean to be less than we could be. When the stories of our lives are told the real essence is in those moments when we apply the brake and get off our rides to give some one a helping hand by the wayside.

Now, there is my dilemma. I hold that people should make individual personal effort to prevent having to need others to bail them out like they're experiencing natural disasters. Yet people need people, and it’s been said that the ones in need are the greatest kind of people. But, should we encourage laxity in living on the part of some so that the others feel good with themselves bailing them out? Now, won’t that be a merry go round!? Is meaning and reason for this life so difficult to find that we'd have to seek to create it in this way? By others living constructively, while others live destructively; and that including organizations and nations!

Though time and chance is known to happen to all at sometime or another, if we looked well enough, we’d see that for some it buries them, while for others it slows them down a little and then they get right back on track. How nice it will be to have a world where everyone would be doing the right thing! It would not be as boring as some thinkers have said; after all, God expects it, and He is yet to be proven wrong on any issue no matter how you look at it. Were we all to commit to making effort, we would be near perfect, if nothing else; and that will cut down on the avoidable pains in the world.


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