Abuja Estate Demolition / Freeze of Fund Manager's Funds / Arbitrary Write-off of Shareholder's Funds in Afribank, BankPHB / Non-Payment of Severance Pay to Former Staff of Banks Killed for Inability to Recapitalize

The fundamental rights of citizens are being blatantly over-ruled in Nigeria. A Nigeria that continues to allow this is eroding on the loyalty of her people.
The authoritarian streak of office holders in Nigeria has really got out of hand. The magnitude of abuse, impunity and insensitivity being meted out unto citizens by government appointees is going to precipitate a chaos beyond that we can imagine.
Military tendencies are continuously invoked  by supposed democrats to forcibly still dissent. If this is democracy, then the military era was heaven on earth!
Many die today who have no business being dead now. And those living who previously had some measure of control on their lives are forced down the zone of extreme poverty. 
What in the world is wrong with Nigeria? Does someone have an agenda to turn Nigerians against Nigeria?
Leadership is sacrifice, but Nigerians use leadership to snatch even what is not available to be snatched from those who own it. Is this not the 1960s repeating itself all over again?
This continuing impunity will drive the people to fightback. Let wrongs be redressed o! Let those in power hear now o!
Let this culture of abuse of people's rights by government fiat be expunged from the psyche of anyone in authority o!
 Don't make militants of the rest of us o. If you do, it will swallow you o! If you have ears, hear what the people are feeling o!

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