Anambra's Need is Beyond Politics

As Anambra state is clearly lagging behind in development compared to her surrounding neighbors, one would have thought that the custodians of the conscience of the state would readily embrace such proven and willing persons as Charles Soludo and Dora Akunyili are. Intellectuals and technocrats, as they are, could readily bring about a speedy turn around in the development of the state.

I wish and hope that people of Soludo and Akunyili's clout and calibre would be elected into governance in Anambra state going forward. It is a wise person that knows that he has no know-how and seeks to acquire it.It should no longer be governance 'as usual'.
What Anambra state needs now is beyond politics. We want our dear homeland back. We need a task force or a coalition of all the personalities who are proven and known successes in their chosen fields of enterprise to come join hands and overhaul Anambra State. The rest of Nigeria can play politics, but in Anambra we should INVITE performers to come take COMMAND and RESTORE our homeland to a conducive place to live and produce.

Please, put politics away and let the best men and women take up the jobs of governance. In this respect, I'll like to see someone like Mr Olisa Agbakoba to constitute people like himself who are the brains of Anambra to undertake to enlighten our people on the need to rescue our homeland from stagnation and perpetual path of no direction. 

For when it's all said and done, we would like to come home to our homeland. We are tired of scattering our wealth all over the world. In all the confusion prevailing in Nigeria today, Anambra is our sure home. Igboland is our sure inheritance in the Nigerian project. Let our choice indigenes embark on exclusively developing Igboland without giving thought to any political party affiliation. 

We are Israel, let us always remember. We want to come home to a place that works.   

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