How Much Worse Can Nigeria Get?

Parents and guardians pay for 'mercenaries' to sit for examinations on behalf of their wards.
These same parents pay employers to obtain job placements for their wards.
Official stealing, embezzlement and corruption is rampant and officially condoned.
Abuse of official privileges and statutory powers...
And nowhere is home anymore as you can be kidnapped, or gunned-down or bombed to pieces or robbed anywhere without protection.
I know that those who have things going their way would write this off as the rantings of an 'unprivileged'. But, be that as it may, I perceive that BLOOD is crying out against Nigeria, and she shall never be delivered! Nigeria shall not be delivered because those who run her affairs in public offices are aloof to the realities on ground!
God grants deliverance and you will never meet God's requirement being constituted by a mixed-multitude as you are. You will never agree on what is virtuous and right. Nigeria will never stand, Nigeria  will never progress given the way you are because you will never DO God's will as you ARE!
Those of you who can, go and buy yourselves citizenship of distant lands; and while at it, learn how to be citizens because your land will not endure. 
Your abomination vex heaven, but you know it not. You will never all be stricken in your heart for God to accept your penance. There will always be sin in your camp, and it must not continue.
Do not be deceived by the liars who prophecy to you better days. You shall all be consumed except you flee Nigeria. Send your selves on exile before God sends you Himself.
The blood of all the innocent people shed on the alter of state and complicity of state cry out against this land, and they will not be appeased! Why not? Because you don't even know they've been wronged. And you will never agree that they have been wronged.
Nigeria is a mistake that must be cancelled! We need a fresh page to plot on afresh! We shall only be prolonging the restart time as we keep forcing this mistake to work out well. It never will!

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