Who Can Succeed Gov. Fashola, Eventually?

Thinking aloud,... let us imagine we can see tomorrow from today. What is all this hue and cry over Mrs Tinubu wanting tobecome a senator? Well, since Nigerian politicians are becoming more proficient in making calculations, let us consider this possibility:
Given that it makes sense to allow Gov. Fashola to complete the projects he has in the mill, what happens when in four years his second tenure in office lapses? Remember, though, that these same projects for which he is now receiving praises and accolades were originally initiated by his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
That said, now, who will be able to take over from Fashola, since he seems to have grown larger than life, not only in Lagos, but almost country-wide; and via the internet, globally. Let me quickly say that it is not right and safe that a man should be so thought of, in any case. It feels like magic; and magic, you know, is diabolical!Fashola is still a man, not an angel; and even angels have been known to have fallen short of expectations in time past.
So, with a 'god-like' image woven around him, who can succeed Gov. Fashola in 2015.? Especially, considering the dismal showing by way of opposition from the other political parties represented in Lagos.It leaves one despairing that there is nobody else left in 'Eko' who easures anywhere near Fashola to be able to take over the job when he leaves.
Now here is what the Spirit inspired me to perceive:
Since Asiwaju Tinubu is himself constitutionally prevented from returning to recover power from Fashola directly, he has this grand design to make his wife, Oluremi Tinubu, a senator during Fashola's second tenure. To what end, you ask? So that she can learn the political ropes in readiness to run for the governors job in 2015. Crazy, right?! Well, it appears Mr Fashola was just holding the office in trust for his 'hero of democracy'! Keeping it in the family you might say!
Lagos is, after all, not  a 'no man's land' as some people erroneously believed. Lagos seems to have become the family property of a man while the rest of us were being led on.
Further more this request, even by Gov. Fashola, that we should vote for all ACN candidates as if without thinking, is to me in bad taste. I mean, Tinubu I knew, Fashola I am beholding but who are these others who want to have it easy under their shadows? Asiwaju got one thing right, though. It is true we did not think Fashola would do as well as he is appearing to have done. However, we are not about to make a habit of handing over our lives to unproven hands, especially those who hide under the canopy of their political parties instead of showing themselves to us. Fashola should appreciate that in this this dispensation we are voting for personalities, not parties. If we voted Fashola in, it would not be because he is of ACN. It will be because we have seen the man working. His party is just as direction-less as all the others. Let all the other candidates in this election know therefore that they would be doing themselves a world of good if they de-emphasised their party affiliations and emphasise their personal accomplishments. 
This 2011 general elections will be the foundation of things we would long live with for years to come. As it seems democracy is finally taking  real root. Therefore, vote wisely, vote dispassionately; vote for the general progress of all our peoples country-wide. In this election we are not looking for super parties, we are looking for super people.


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