UNILAG Deserves to Keep its Name!

Since the day that General Babangida sacked the striking pilots (?) and  Mr Paschal Bafiau ran for the office of the president of Nigeria; the Labour Union - still and only challenger of govt highhandedness- was compromised, weakened and broken. And lawlessness set-in in the land unchecked.
I am a product of the private sector. I saw how the private sector ran rough-shod over the unionized workers with nobody to restrain them.
Their rationale is, if the govt could perpetuate and get away with lawlessness, who has the moral standing to call anyone else doing so to order.
Since then, LAWLESSNESS became the norm in all spheres of dealings in Nigeria. Only a person of honor will walk away from a fight he knows he has an upper hand in.
It is good to honor late M K O Abiola, but UNILAG does not have to be killed to do that. UNILAG is a name just as big as, if not bigger than late M K O's. It is an established brand, and whether we passed through her or not, it a brand Nigeria should be proud to keep. The history of 50 years with all the great people that passed through UNILAG should not be allowed to be rubbished.
Since Dr Jonathan and his cohorts lack original ideas of how to honour M K O Abiola, how about them asking to rename ASO ROCK  to M K O Abiola Villa. After all the present politicians are riding on the opportunity paid for with Abiola's blood.
Then again, Aso Rock is really no name. No, not inspiring.With a name as M K O Abiola Villa for the Abuja govt house, every aspirant and eventual occupant of the house would be constantly reminded of their duty and what it cost for them to have the chance to serve.
So please, let UNILAG keep her name, Dr Jonathan. Stop heating up our lives by your uninformed, ill-advised and ill-considered actions. Really, Mr President, the country is uneasy and you do have greater pressing matters. Or does someone in your cabinet have a personal axe to grind with UNILAG?

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