Compensating Africa for Climate Change is Laughable !!!

I hear things these days that just make me wonder ! 
Imagine walking through my living room this afternoon and over hearing  some government official (whose face I thank God I don't know!) speaking to some reporter during the noon newscast on our channelstv  saying that Africa, especially Nigeria would be the worst for the global climate change for reason of our large population; and that he was going to ask the conference at Copenhagen to pay compensation to Africa for damages done it's climate by the developed world. 
That's a laugh, is it not? These people are so hollow in their head, yet they are representing the state. 
Now, ask the man, aside from for military concerns, is there any boundary in the sky that says your emissions and pollutions should not cross over to my space? Where does my space begin? 
Did the developed world alone deplete the ozone layers?
The machinery, automobiles, technology equipments and consumer goods fingered to have sped the depletion, did Africa not import and use their fair share of them? And the development benefits accruing from those usage, did Africa not enjoy it too? How about this forever gas-flaring by our oil-exploring companies, surely that one can be helped. What have we done about it? Or our rampant bush-burning, and tree-cutting without re-planting?
I have seen the way my continent pollutes the waters of the ocean, we have a huge share in that too.
Goodness! That was really brainless, to think of asking for money at a time like this! 
Would you eat your cake and have it ?! Why should we blame the man who made the car that has made our lives so easy and movement so convenient?
It's pretty much like that clamouring for payment of reparation  to Africa for taking her people as slaves to the then worlds. 
To me, it was the best thing that happened to Africa that her children were taking to foreign lands,notwithstanding how ! True, they were discriminated against and treated wickedly because of ignorance, and it's bad; but that still happens today even amongst us. 
The offspring of the survivors of slavery are holding their own in their various lands of sojourn today, better than us at home who claim to be children of the soil. In fact, things have gotten so good for them and the sentiments of their host communities have so been liberalized that a man born of a native African rules America today. And, by the way,has Africa cared to notice that some of her natives are willingly becoming slaves to the developed worlds just to get away from the planlessness that obtains here!
Therefore, let these greed-inspired advocates of compensation to Africa for whatever purpose stop it. Let them stop putting us to shame. I know it's the money for their pockets they have eyes for. But let them stop messing us up as if we lack intellectual strenght.
We are not beggers. It is true our leaders have turned us into aid-taking nations but we will not go begging shamelessly at every opportunity. 
There is a bigger issue here. The fate of the world is hanging in the balance and my state official is thinking of going to ask for money! Is it not foolishness!? All the money we already have, what have they done with it!?  
Were he to be paid, and the world subsequently burns up in a few years where will he escape to spend the loot!? Every place will be melting, where will he run to? The skies will be melting too, as late Peter Tosh's song goes.  Where will they run to on that day!?    

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