Climate Change Hits Home Here !

If there has been any doubt as to what all the fuss about global warming and climate change was,  there shouldn't be any more here. Quite unusual, since this recent late October, the rains suddenly resumed as if it was June all over again. Raining not just minutes of drizzles and showers
but days of torrential out-pouring that left most of the poorly-drainaged locations overwlemed with flooding. And that's a shame as those affected would have thought they were rid of that threat until next season ! 

However, aside from the fluke rain, the sunshine like a firy furnace that often follows immediately after the rains is one that felt like it could set ones skin ablaze. Could you possibly agree these two extremes together? Well, it sure feels like the end of the world has come. I doubt if those estimating nine years hence before our climatic order is derailed irrrecoverably have that much time. What is manifesting here is a very huge threat but a lot of people who should be shouting from the mountain tops are cooling off in their airconditioned high-towers.

Well, just as well I guess ! Those who want to make quick money selling air-conditioners should better be about it quickly while they have time. For with the extreme rain and sunshine we have been having of late, I won't bank on it that we have up to nine years before total collapse.

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