There is no such thing as easy money !

Dear God tell me there is hope for the Nigerian, please.
I financed a petroleum products supplier under agreement to the effect that he returns just 8% of the finance monthly as my share of his profit.
He cooperated for two months and then suddenly had the idea that not paying anything at all as well as not returning the money is a better option for him.
Why do Nigerians prefer taking the hard way through things thinking it's the easy way.
For example, a young man drops out of school out of laziness deceived by a temporary opportunity that holds no future only to find out later in life that incomplete education would be his undoing.
In the same way, in this day of credit crunch when banks don't even give credit to deserving customers  a man gets a financial lift and he decides to cut off his financier, even with the knowledge of his wife!
Well, too bad he will find out the hard way that he has not seen easy money.

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