Always Be Prepared!

You know, there is a philosophy I picked from the film Hurricane. And that was, to never get so comfortable and attached as to let down my guards, regardless of the people I am with. I always refused to take advantage of the prevalent practices at First Bank. I always lived below my means and I continued to invest in all investibles. It is only in extreme cases that I even used their health facility; this was so as to not depend on their system for my wel-being. What I could not comfortably afford by myself, I did not indulge in!  This is because I did not want my life to end when I leave them. I did not go to their parties and I did not call them to mine.
Situation in the world today have shown people getting more barbaric by the day. It's hard to find people you can trust. Everyone is ready to judas his fellow to avoid getting hurt themselves.
'......when toll is taken of the valiant and the braves
the only decoration is the one upon their graves.
They are bastards just like pharaoh,
they kill the children just like pharaoh..
then they sent a ticket for me
and it don't have R S V P..

Ya looking for me, am looking for you
(Now) I believe what they say about you is true.....You're a bastard just like Pharaoh etc

...It's a war party and me no wanna go
(they all) seemed to be inviting me to
a war party but me no wanna go
 heard about the last one so thanks but no thanks!!!'-Eddy Grant
Always be prepared. Don't get slack eating the dainties of the king. Those who were looking to make me cry never let know their plan. But I have escaped them like a bird. Only because I was so minded as to not get carried away by the pleasures of  Egypt!

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