Free Again!

Now the will of God is done in my life. I am free from a limiting relationship I went into with First Bank of Nigeria plc in 1984. I have kept the faith. I have been faithful and loyal. Through the challenges, trials and temptation I have learnt integrity, diligence and trust. I have kept my side of the bargain, but the question is, 
' are those who have hijacked the management of the affairs of First Bank being faithful? The spirit of First Bank will vindicate me, make way for me; and prosper me in this my new found freedom.
Oh! what a relief! How sweet freedom! Now I live. Now I venture. Now I do exploit. 
What bondage I found myself in,put under by slaves! God! thank You for my release!
But management aside, I have communed with a community of diverse but wonderful people these long years.
It's not easy saying good bye. I, more than anyone else though, have already planned to go. Still, I'll miss my friends. But I must go, a better life awaits me.
 Indeed, coming by their own hands gives me confidence it is God's will. And in his will I totally trust.

Am good and am flying! 

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