Blogger.com got me worried back there!

This month last year was when I stumbled upon blogging using the blogger.com platform. I had a car accident and it was so thought-provoking that I sought an avenue to say how it happened. I had no idea how to use the blog nor what to do with it, but I wanted to say things and I found out it made it possible for me to do so.
I want to thank blogger.com for letting me write on their platform these twelve months. I have since learnt a lot about the art of blogging and that knowledge has restrained the spate of my writing since I began aligning my writings to a limited content stream. It seemed to take the fun out of blogging for me. Much like censorship.
For about a month now, not only the post template was not active, but my blogs also were inaccessible to me, with report like whether the name is changed, the blog no longer existed or temporarily inaccessible. I was worried. Twelve months of content building looked to be lost. I thought that would come with a free package as blogger.com presented.
Well, surprisingly, this morning I saw my blog active again, and am writing. I wanted to consider the incident of motor accidents on the spot where I got hit last year. It was alarming what I found. I got hit on the eight' of august 2008, on the 13th of august, 2009, the above is a photo of an accident that happened, aside from many others that happened during the 12 month period .
I have not done well these twelve months going by my zero following, however I want to thank those surfers who have stopped by to see what am attempting to do on my blogs. The others are http://www.lowtreeblog.blogspot.com/
and http://www.ificanhelpsomebody.blogspot.com/
These blogs were created in my attempt streamline my contents, and should not be taken that I have got a hang of blogging. If I have any followers out there, I am sorry I have not been writing regularly. Ipromise to make out time from my now hectic work schedule. Please, tell your friends about these blogs.I will continue working on getting better. Thanks all.    

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