A dream I dreamt

I had a dream friday night. A peculiar and strange dream. In it, I asked about a certain prominent man of a community I know, that is, how to locate him. I was told he lived in a mobile home. A full built house on wheels. Wherever he stopped became his location.
As if to clear my mind on this, immediately, the house they spoke of drove up at a sweeping speed. It sped past me like wind and went down a single lane road through thick bushes which had over-grown onto the road making it narrower.
As the moving house sped and beat on twigs and tree branches shooting out on the road, I followed cautiously. As I stepped onto the disturbed bush area I saw three snakes exposed from the clearing made by the moving house. Two of the snakes were run over by the house and appeared dead. The third, which was alive, seemed to be gathering itself together from the recent disturbance by the moving house. I stepped away from it. As I moved away I saw what looked like a steep drop not far off. I went to have a look and I saw what looked like claws of some creature trying to cimb out to the top. The moving house has gone out of sight by now and I was by myself in the bush clearing.
As I looked at the creature coming up I saw that it was like a bat. As it came up it opened its eyes and they shone fire red. In fright, I fell backwards from it. As I hit the ground I picked a piece of wood and sent it smashing down the head of the bat. But it seemed unaffected. Instead more bats emerged and as I hit these ones too their eyes shone red and would not die. As the red-eyed bats multiplied I woke up.
I did not remember the dream until much later in the day when I was considering a thought which took my mind to the dream. |And I wondered what it could mean. Does any one know the meaning of this, please?

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  1. Dreams are very important to people of destiny. They alert us to what is about to happen. As the saying goes 'to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed'.
    How do you arm yourself against an unfavourable dream revelation? I should think that since dreams are spiritual/subconscious the answer should be by strong prayers or metaphysical recourse, if you know your way through that.
    From your subsequent blog posts of things that happened to you following, I'd say the dream meant that something very life-determining was taken/stolen/deprived you and you were left stranded facing diabolical powers.
    I do not know how you have fared so far. Sorry my contribution is coming just now. But you need to get some serious spiritual reinforcement or the evil forces will overwhelm you.


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