Die Hard, Never Give Up Spirit!

If this is not resilience what else could it be? This is the original spirit of man, the one which believes in achieving inspite of all odds. But, let us first give credit to today's Punch from which we 'photo-ed' this interesting photo.
What a burden! What hope! What expectation in the face of glaring impossibility! Such faith could only be found in Nigeria. Never tell the man it cannot be done for that is his economic tool. On that contraption rests the hope of many children, aged parents, patient and supporting wife. This man will meet his economic needs using this ricketty, racketty aged wagon. And he would.
Such is the original spirit of the African. Such is our perseverance. That vehicle will milk money till it forever becomes unable to roll. I am proud that man is my country man. We make something out of nothing here. We rarely throw something away for the fact that it will come in handy someday.Rulers of lands, look, see and desist from your prodigal ways!

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