Oh My Country!

A man straddles a horse without taking hold of the reins and complains that the horse is going the wrong way.Exactly the situation of leadership in my country today, I reluctantly have to accept. You see, in finance I have discovered that people usually blow the money they have no purpose for. Much so when officials get government funds and they do not have the slightest idea how to use the money to improve their community. Unanimously, without dissension whatsoever, they agree to and share the money and everyone goes back home awaiting the next disbursement! And so the vicious cycle, as it were, continues unrested till even the existing structures of an older era begin to get dilapidated and people begin to wonder if there is no government in place here!?

I wish I too could take up wings and fly away. For indeed, I do not see any commitment on the part of the leaders of the land to setting these matters straight. The rabbles in their midst have so mastered the art of trickery and deception that they always get away undetected. And those who would show integrity are either rigged out of contention or slain.
If you asked me, I am turning an unbeliever in the possibility of this country ever straightening out. Though during this past week I heard some near profound statements made which could indicate that people are thinking, after all. One was by Umar Y'Ardua to the effect that if we do not trust the president to take fair actions in the public interest we should not be bothering electing presidents at all. The other was from a speaker during the week's labour protest rally. And he said something like that re-branding Nigeria is not to be seen only on TV. It should not just be a show. Or how is it to be believed that the least paid worker in Nigeria today still collects less than Naira 7500 monthly (paltry $50 ) and it is not regular; pensioners wait endlessly for their retirement pay till they literally drop dead waiting, yet so much money is being squandered and embezzled and no one is stopping it?!!!


  1. My Friend,
    I read your feelings and quite know the extent of frustration we are all going through but we need to wake up and stop voting again and follow American pattern of liberation from Britain to get to our destination or else we are doomed generationally.
    Get a copy at Barnes&noble books.
    God would never come down to help us and 365days fastingx50x100 years would not get us there. I read American history and invention funds trust Act to see how they got to this level..
    If we colaborate and network , we could muster more likely minded people to salvage our generation through blogging, reports and damn those modafuckers.
    Pls lets work together.

  2. That was the text of an email comment sent to me by Lawale. Thanks bro. Perhaps if some of us can start speaking with one voice and feeling for the motherland we might surmount and get somewhere desirable eventually!


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