Parenting Kids

I am a man.A black man, an african. I am a Nigerian. Yes, I am a NIGERIAN. And am a christian. I follow Christ. I am a person.
You know one thing I find most unpleasant about being a parent. Well, take a guess. It is this seemingly lack of preparedness! I hate the fact that am still working on myself to become in virtually all areas - relationships,wisdom, insight, righteousness, finances, ethics generally . I do not seem to have time for my children. And they are fast growing up with me just being around, instead of being with them. I mean, if I have time to spare I am always with this computer seeking for that winning way that makes all things right. I don't feel right about this.
Although, it sounds an idealistic notion, since we never really stop learning or growing; I hold that parents should have a fairly stable foundation in basic indices before delving into child-bearing.Because, by the time one gets round to knowing the things one should know, and having the things one should have; the children are grown and leaving home to stumble into their own adult life groping just like the parents whose knowings and gettings seem to have come rather late to be useful to the children who somehow have learnt to find their own answers. But who am I to say? It's not the world's fault that some people, like me, still haven't got their acts together yet!!!

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