A Contrary Wisdom

I have never liked competition. It's not in my psyche. Usually, I walk away from a fight if I know I have the upper hand.I never feel right about doing anyone in. I can't even wish bad those who by virtue of their dealings with me cannot be perceived as anything other than enemies. Every transaction I go into seem to see me always ripped-off. But I believe somehow things will eventually even out. Somehow my turn will come. Yet I seem to be running out of time!
In the wisdom of the world I would seem to be a nard. So, imagine my surprise when I received this book which seemed to propound a contrary wisdom. It says the universe has such abundance of good things that it will never run out of supply. In essence, there is always enough for everyone who thinks in that certain way. The guy who sent me the book made me pay for it in disguise but it is actually free. You could get a free e-copy at the following address


It is neither religious nor spiritual. It is an old time book on clean simple method to change from the dog-eat-dog attitude and mind-set a lot of us are forced into by experiences into a win-win attitude to life. It's tailor-made for me, I'd say. And I know IT is good for you too. Actually it seems it's what my life was designed on. It took a while for me to come round to using it but things are shaping up nicely for me now since I began implementing the wisdom in it. If you are game for the free book, endeavor also to enrol for the practical geniuses course which also more or less is free since it goes for whatever you can afford. After reading the book, the COURSE sort of guides you into putting the new thoughts into practice. It says there is no need stampeding one another trying to corner the earth's good with the mindset that if we don't others will beat us to it! There is more than enough for everyone, all we have to do is create the more, instead of tearing ourselves up over the manifested ones . And when you obtain wealth in this way, you will never run out of it.

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