About Wives and Mothers-in-Law!

Goodness me! What's it with wives and mothers-in-law? Two women with a stake each in the life of the same man, yet will never see eye to eye. They are always at each other's throat like cat and mouse! The jealous trait of women comes out worst in these twosome.
It's true what I have heard often said. That women are their own worst enemies. I have observed that even sisters from same mother are never very close. Like you've heard the phrase used ' close like a brother'. Women are never close. They are forever comparing themselves. If you have two single girls getting on as friends, soon as one gets into a serious relationship with a man, not to speak of her getting married; enmity immediately ensues. And the friendship splits. You could never count on a woman to act maturely when she is incensed with envy. Even religion is just a tool used by women to manipulate situations in their favour. Women are selfish and users. They know this naturally and that is why they never cut themselves any slacks! The mother feels the need to protect her son from what she knows the wife is capable of, and the wife feels the same way too. Every woman agrees that a woman is next to poison. they just won't say the same when it comes to themselves.
When a woman loves, she loves selfishly and would not care if the whole world is destroyed so long as she gets what she desires. Whatever the seemingly good stuff that a woman does, she has an ulterior motive for it, count on it.
Well, show me a woman temperate in these things, and I'll show you a woman after my heart!

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