The more religion, the more desperation!

"Shinning lights everywhere
Oh these are the days
Many roads leading nowhere
We got to watch where we're going" (stormwind)

The heightened depravity of men push those who still care about life into religion. Africa, as I see, is the most religious continent. Yet the more religious houses exist the further the people seem to exhibit ungodly tendencies.
It's a case of 'surrendering to fate', as some say. The average African ascribes everything to God and does not accept responsibility for anything. So, he makes no effort to appreciate things the way they truly are.

My country, Nigeria, is full of so many religious groups. When I was a child we never knew they were any different from one another. Our parents accepted themselves as they were and there seemed to be effective 'community'. And we the children , we were not taught to fear any. In fact, there was almost no awareness of religion. Yet men did right. And the few deviants were resoundingly condemned.
Today religion is done by satellite in Africa. It is on the lips of everyone, almost. One would be right to suppose that even God is divided in himself as everyone of them tells the world that their God is better than the others.And you ask, how many is God? The one thing that should unite man on earth has become the dissembler in the hands of the mischievous ones.
The general sentiments sold by religious practitoners is that without religion the world would be a worse place than it is today. Well, let us recall the past, assess today, then we shall see where we are heading to.
Man does need to worship and affiliate with God, but has religion served him well in doing that today?

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