Fostering Untruth thinking We're doing right!

Happy day to you. Happy Sunday. Have you noticed how Sundays no longer feel easy
as Lionel Richie sang. Days no longer seem easy. And we have none other to blame but ourselves.
Here I go again, living in my thoughts; thinking out of the box. A message title in my e-mail box got me wondering, rousing my thoughts. It says

'You Can Make Money From Al Gore's Big Lie'

Really, I do not know what the writer was talking about, and care not too. But what gets me is this - the notion of assessing people to be fit to hold public office on the expectation that they have never erred or grossly errd.
Did Jesus not say 'cast the first stone if you condemn ( the exposed ) wrong-doer'. That is, if you yourself have nothing due against you.

We fool ourselves as the authorities continue to assume that because they have not been allowed to see any wrong done by a potential office holder that that person automatically is clean.
As my friend the rain-maker Majek Fashek said in his unique style 'Only the angels of God are 'white'!' By which he means that only God's angels are pure, clean, blameless, as you may.
But you know, we saw too that even the angels have not been blameless all through.
Remember the classic sons of God who looked down from the skies to lust after Adam's girls, daughters of Eve. They broke loose from heaven, came and had some frolick with the women, then they ran back to heaven; leaving behind pregnancies which produced the giants of old.(The Bible)
Then there was the biggest fallen one, angel LUCIFER, the exalted one, king of music, who thought he could overthrow God.
My point : No one is without fault. No one is without a thing or two he is ashamed of letting people know generally. ONLY GOD IS GOOD. Stop pretending there is a faultless person.

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