To Have Eye for You

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Its curious really, is it not? I mean the way we still play out the Cain and Abel situation in our days.

I was just reading the passage again and, thinking about it, I see how all over the world today we still make Cain’s mistake.

Which is – if God was not cool with us when Abel was around He most certainly would be more pissed off when He discovers we did- Abel- in so we would make Him have eye for us.

How dumb!

‘If you do well, would you not be recognized’ He told Cain.

Family squabbles, political assassination, place of work back-biting and politics, friendship character assassination are just some of the ways we play out the Cain and Abel tragedy in the desperate bid to find favor with the one whom we think matters.

Well, you know God was not fooled back then and He sure is still not fooled today. Although, Cain cut short the life of his brother, he got worse than he desired; as he groaned “This punishment is too much for me to bear”.

For us today, we now know that what goes around comes around, or at least some of us do. It will never pay you to make tombstones for the purpose of elevating yourself.

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