How to conceive a baby boy

A joke at work yesterday inspired this post. The joke was that there are now about as much as twenty females to one man on our planet earth today. Although this might not exactly be true. However, as I wondered how this might be I remembered the unique experience we had before having our first child - a boy. Click Here! I hoped this might help someone in need as I have found out that both mothers and fathers are never really happy until they have a baby boy.Click Here!

Well, it is simple science really. There are two types of sperm that fertilize the woman's eggs, as we know from basic biology. The female and the male, x and y respectively. The female sperm, more active, swims faster towards the eggs in the ovary upon intercourse, and they usually expire within twenty-four hours of being discharged into the woman. The male sperm swims slower and survives in the woman's body forty-eight hours before they too die off. It is ideal, therefore, for the man to have sex with his wife at least 12 to 24 hours before her ovulation. This way the suriving y sperms would be on cue awaiting the emergence of the woman's eggs.  The eggs themselves also expire within 48 hours of their emergence. Click Here!

Now here's the gist:

The woman needs to know her time. Her menstrual cycle. The man may help her if she is fuzzy with numbers to be sure to get the result you want. Our concern is tracking her ovulation period exactly. A valuable tool that could be used here is the ovulation calculator. If you have been able to do this then I advise the man to have sex with his wife twenty-four hours before ovulation time. This way all the female sperms would have expired leaving only the surviving male sperms to fertilize the emerging eggs. For more resources please Click Here! and also Click Here!
After nine months, all other protocols observed, there you'll have your baby boy.

It worked for me, and if you would do the maths, it will for you too.Click Here!

Congratulations in anticipation of your success. Click Here!And happiness to you Click Here!

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