Dimeji Bankole, Keyamo is not making Noise !

‘Keyamo is making noise’ Mr. Dimeji Bankole was reported by the Business Day newspaper of 28th October, 2008 to have said when reporters asked him what he thought of the issue raised by Festus Keyamo on the alleged over-payment of N421.5m on 380 units of Peugeot 407 cars bought by the lower House of which Bankole is the Speaker. ‘Let him be making noise, the House will sort itself out’. ‘..the House is a serious place dealing with serious issues…’ Bankole reportedly said further.
The prosperity of the fool is their destruction. Bankole’s favorable reviews up till now seem to be getting into his head. Perhaps he is not as clean-cut as his image makers seem to have made us imagine. That unguarded outburst smirks of lack of public manners on his part and unfortunately shows him as being just as ill- disposed as the rest of them.
‘ Keyamo is making noise ‘. With all his supposed learning, Bankole could not decipher that Keyamo was speaking for the people . And that in insulting him ( Keyamo ) Bankole insulted the people whom he took oath to represent. It’s hard to think that the House Speaker considers N421.5m variance in payment to be an un-serious issue when so many Nigerians are having to go without on account of not having so little money. We’d have to wait till it runs into billions and trillions, as usual, before we express concern.
Well, I am not particularly elated that Dimeji goofed on this one, but let this be a guiding thought to all people everywhere to always take heed how we stand for we are prone to falling anytime. The heart is indeed deceitful above all things, what’s in it can put us to shame if it comes out unguarded.
I saw a news clip of what went on when the House finally hosted Keyamo to hear what he had to say and what I saw was hardly encouraging at all. It is clear that the House was trying to bully Keyamo, bullying the people, I say. This is clearly a case for the EFCC as the House cannot be trusted not to cover up as usual; if we assume that the new woman ( Madamme Farida, I think ) has the inner power to do what has to be done. We have seen so much in recent times to know that with this country, Nigeria, nothing is ever really what it seems! Case in reference is revelations concerning our high and mighty, self-proclaimed righteous man, 'Baba Iyabo'! Even daughter Iyabo has her own woes. A tree indeed can only bear fruit of its kind!

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