How much of Your secret thoughts would You dare share?

Forgive me for not appearing so savvy as to what this blog thing is all about.
I really loved the idea when I got the notion it was to do with my expressing my thought. I seem to live most in my thoughts, so that was great, I felt.
Again, I could say what I feel about things I ordinarily would not be in position to say squat about and luckily someone far away would ' hear ' me .
In these past months I have found out that senses of maturity and responsibility kind of inhibit the full exercise of this privilege, as I see it. So, how much of my private thoughts would I really be willing to share without embarrassing myself, or even rocking the boat of state?!
As in the case of the two policemen I passed the other day at a checking-point early one morning : yawning - from fatigue or from sleeplessness, or from hangover, or from hunger, most certainly, over-work would be one of the reasons. Yet, these were heads of homes, in the name of God! What kind of symbols are we making them into for their off-springs?
Nigeria ,you do deserve what you are getting! You always want something for nothing, it seems .
Even our not-so-well endowed neighbours have things better put in place and working than we do.
We are so poor and greedy that we rarely think of the greater good of all in the actions we often take.
Or, perhaps, we are not a thinking nation!?

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