Living is an Opportunity for Usefulness.

I heard it said once that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. And that's just the mind alone.
Resulting from the precarious life most of us live today, a lot of lives are being wasted. Not in the sense that they are snuffed out, but rather that they are not actualised. Original destinies are often being truncated, diverted from, or abandoned completely in pursuit of mundane experiences.
In our days today, there aren't many people living in a way as to affect humanity constructively as those who, for instance, contributed to the general development of transportation, the inventing of electricity; or those who paid the supreme cost over time to bring us democracy !
Those who seem to be doing so today are commercially driven. The hearts of people are perpetually fainting for anxiety of how to keep fending for themselves and their own today....and tomorrow. So corruption is rife at every level of relationship and transaction. We've all become lovers of self rather than lovers of our world.
In all fairness to our times, there seem to be a lot more going on today than ever before. For one, there are a lot more of us on earth today. However, there are lots more we are doing that are threatening civilization than helping it! Life is short, indeed. We should see life , therefore, as an opportunity to be useful to our world. Lets live in a way that will ensure that we leave it a better place than we met it.

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