\baba'lawo who wanted to pass as a farmer !

On a lighter note, a juju man called in at my office today desiring to access the
agricultural loan facility being offered.
He came to complain to me that he was turned down on the grounds that his account description said he was a herbalist, which he was , by his own assertion.
He wanted me to assist in re-coding his account to say that he is a farmer.
Anyway, in my sometimes commical character, I decided to inquire of him if he had ever been approached to make one mad, or to kill, or as we say here , to spoil the life of someone. He decided to evade the question. But when I persisted, he said that what usually happened was that they would collect money from the person who makes such request but would do nothing.I asked if someone who had been dealt with in such a way by another juju person was brought to him to be released would he oblige? He said he would get herbs and make sacrifices and plead with the other powers to let go of the captive.
But 'what if they refused ?'I said, 'or even if they agreed how long will the release last, will it not recurr soon after the one bound leaves his shrine ? He agreed he would not be of any further help to the victim, except God helps the person!
I directed him to the unit which might help him on his bid, and everybody there were 'wowed' from what they had just heard.

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