lacasera - refreshing drink or tasty bleach ?

Hmm mm ! This TV advert I often see about a lovestruck young man whose fiancée is resident in UK got me thinking this. It's just as well that the guy carries the whole load of lacasera to his wife-to-be who guzzles the whole box content alone. The laws of Britain would see to it that both of them were repatriated should they offer it to any Briton!
A few years back, while holding a small get together with friends, a plastic bottle of lacasera mistakenly fell off a table and broke on the tiled floor. The erosive / bleaching action of the liquid on the floor that we witnessed made us recoil, and resolve to never touch that thing again. The floor was bleached white instantly!
We figured the makers would eventually see that the concoction was too strong and do some diluting. But close to, if not ten years after it's introduction to the Nigerian market, the issue has not been remedied.
It's funny that Dora Akunyili seems not to have noticed how unhealthily strong the product is for a soft drink. Perhaps she would approve feeding it to Nigerian children !

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