All Eyes Are On Us !

Those who are in the public eyes should be careful what they are saying to the rest of us by the things they do. Particularly, the lifestyle they seem to subscribe to.
The young people, who seem always to want to be in flight, are looking for any slip by a celebrity to stand on as a validation for their un-tempered ambition to get money without giving value.
As Tupac said, though not his original, all eyes are on you, if you are a public figure. You do influence general habits and values;and not just of the young and impressionable.
To this end our celebrities would do well to really consider the values and ideals they seem to be rooting for of late. Now that the struggling boys and girls have crossed over they seem to be throwing caution to the wind and going dinning with the devil.Let us all just remember where we were coming from and why we needed to get to where we are at.Let us recall the values and principles on which our lives were originally built. As we say here in africa , let us remember the children of whom we are!

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