Inside Of Us

Integrity. Integrity is an attribute glaringly lacking in most of today's people.Low and high, rich and poor,black and white; religious and free-thinkers. Most people, I have seen, sadly, lack integrity.One should keep integrity with oneself. With others. And with God. Inside of us - we know what is right. We should stand for and do what is right, always.It is the reason why we have conscience. It does not need validation, you know it! We all have a duty to keep trust to facilitate relationship and to live and work together in an environment. Abuse of trust is likened to murder - murder of the spirit. There is no rational reason for taking what is not yours - without the consent of its owner at first or subsequently. You may feel that the person can afford to lose it. still, it's no excuse. One of the leaders of my organisation said during the sad event of the massive Valucard theft of (2004/2005?) " some of you will steal, yet! It is never written on the faces." Avoid developing sticky fingers, or hands that make bold to do evil. A perfect God seeks a perfect people. A covenant keeping God seeks a covenant keeping people. Stealing or any other anti-social behaviour amounts to breaking covenant with your neighbhor !

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