Dare You Let a Child Watch Today's Music Videos

I do not know about most people, but I get so embarrassed when most of today's musical videos are aired on tv with my children around me. I usually quickly reach for the remote controller in readiness to change the channel as soon as it becomes clear to me that the clip contains shots I would consider indecent or inappropriate for a child to be exposed to. Am I a prude? Some would say that I am. But am a musician myself, and you do not need to arraign near-naked women with suggestive body girations - called dance - in order to sell your song. A true song always comes out a song. Unfortunately, while an adult might know where to draw the line between entertainment and reality, a child does not. A child sees all acts as proper and normal until told otherwise. A child is learning all the time, soaking all in, like dry spounge thrown into water. Soaking in all the trash we are exposing them to in our world of today. And it is reflected in the lowered standards in interpersonal relations, the prevalent vulgar- talkings, poor manners and unabashed shameless way of dressing today. In the eighties when I cut my musical teeth, it used to be such a thrill to see any of the then popular musicians on tv, even just to see them or hear them talk! Today, who brings on such mood upon us, except those from even beyond the 80's still around; like Lionel Richie. I know there is none of the crop of them around today. That's why they are all justling to outdo each other going naked on camera, inciting all to sex, or just daring God to come down! Or, pardon me, would you dare let your child watch what is recorded for us today in the name of musical videos?!? Would you?

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