If I Were Not Me, I Would Rather Be No One Else

Let me first quel the assumed or pretended indignation of my compatriots by saying that one should be thankful for where one was born. For, if you were not born there, you probably would not have been born , at all! Still, it is a twist of fate that I was born to this land. And not to another, even another in Africa. Europe, Asia, or Oceania; or the Americas.If I had been born to another land far away from the people I have grown up with and known, born to a land where the rulers lead and do their duties, and the people pay their dues and get their right; then things might have been different, if I were not born here! But if things had been different , then I would not be me; and if I were not me, I wouldn't want to be anyone else. If I were not of my land, then my mother would not have become my mother, and my father, not. For they are both of this land, and I have witnessed their peculiar bravery and resilience in the face of gross mis-rule. No, my parents are not educated in the Western ways. My parents are pure blooded natives. So, you see , I am who I am because I was born to this land. Were I not? Then I wouldn't be! And I ask thee.....Oh My Land, what have You begotten? What have you made of me? What have you made your children become?!

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