Is Your Life A Song?

So you write. And, you play? Play, music?! Oh! did you ever sing? Do you now sing? Will you ever sing....again? Is there, a song? Life is a song. Your life, is it a song? Hmmmmmm! Where is my song, Oh Lord! Hmmmmm! Where is my life? Hey! what's this about? Leave Him out of it. It has really always been up to you. Come wind or weather, it's really up to you. Every life does have a song. Everyone has a song to sing. And, you know, a song is always a song. At one time, a certain king wondered, 'if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?' Well, now I dare say, the righteous must build another foundation. An own foundation. A better foundation. A specific and sure one. My dear one, sing your life. It's a great story, it is already a song. And, if there seems to be no way? Then, make way for yourself. You are still alive, aren't you? Why d'you think you are ?!

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