Try Not To Drive Long Distance Alone, Though I Do.

8/8/08 is said to be a special date for Asians. The spirit worlds must think so too. My church's general overseer believed so. Looking back, I reckon I was billed to die that day! But God saved me. I have been driving since the year 1994, so I have become good in driving, even creative. I manoeuvre the wheels much the same way a skilled footballer controls the ball with the feet! That morning I started out on my usual long drive to work, a hundred kilometres daily, back and forth. All by myself. A long stretch of road starting out as a dual carriage expressway, narrowing down to a single lane - to and fro- just about halfway to my destination.Sparsely built, undeveloped area, forest to the left and to the right. It was at this narrowed point on the morning of 8/8/08 that another vehicle, coming from the direction I was going - both of us at top speed , with yet another car closely in pursuit of him ; made to intersect me. He was too close to consider braking, so I made to avoid him from his behind, but , of course, remember the other car pursuing him! So, as made my move, I became gravely aware of the imminent head-on collision with the next car!It was then that an old Chinese saying came true for me: a lesser evil happened in order to avert a greater one. The first driver, the culprit, changed his mind mid-way and and started back to his lane; but I was already heading there. We impacted at both drivers' sides. Both sides were a mesh. The third car succeeded in avoiding us both and drove away. We came to a halt.In the split second of the impact i must have shut out because when i came to the air bag was already deflated and there was smoke in my car- which later turned out to be my airconditioner gas leaking. After, initial dis-agreement, the erring driver and his people pleaded for mercy, paid a token N20000 towards repairs and went their way. As i write i am getting close to N100000 spent so far, and my doctors found issues with my heart inspite of my seat belt and airbag. And I think to myself , if i had been reallyin a critical state that day what would have become of me in the middle of nowhere all by myself? And you know I had valuables in the car too- all my four mobile phones-mtn,cetel(then),glo and visafone; and my laptop computer; and cash of N40000 plus. Do not do a continuous long distance driving alone if you do not have to. You never know what might happen on the road. But for me, my employers still feel I should continue. May God help as He always has. Ipray He knows am not pushing His grace too far.

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