I met a kid a few days ago. I wanted to know what she does. She said she'd just completed high school. Then what, I wanted to know. She said she was going to further. Further what, I prodded. At this, another kid within hearing distance laughed out and I asked her what was so funny.
'I just want to make her think', I said. Because if she did not know where she was headed someone could stop her on the way and make her go where she did not plan to go to. Then she said a high-sounding course of study which I do not remember now. I jolted her mind some more asking why and what she knew about the said course.
The point here is in challenging the kid to think and be specific as to her intended destination and objective because, as I said, again, if one is not clear where one is going one would likely make any bus-stop the final one.

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  1. what goes up must surely come down. No matter what it takes someone must reach it destination. Either you ask her or not where she was going she will surely reach her destination.


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