Creating a Fundamental Argument Essay For a College Course

I really do not know when the habit began, but it

has become the in-
thing now to have someone else write for you your

presentation. I first
learnt of this happening when I heard the term

'speech-writers' used in relation to
those people who produce speeches for political

leaders. Top officials of both public and private

sector organizations
often keep a team of speech-writers. When I first

knew about this way of
generating speeches by our leaders my first feeling

was that they were not honest
really in what they say after all.

We hear such fine speeches made these days that

arouse such moving sensation,
but they were somebody else's thoughts and

convictions. I feel this is wrong. If you believe

it, say it yourself; say it the best way you can,

but say it in your own special way. To me, back in

the days, I felt it was dishonest of
someone to ask another to say for him what he ought

to say. I bet that is how
the phrase 'politically correct' came about. They

just want to hear you
saying the right thing whether it's you saying it,

does not matter!

Well, I know I can't change the world, but since

everyone has accepted our
leaders lying to us, it is no surprise that no one

makes them accountable for what they have said. How

could anyone, when the speakers themselves
are not in touch with the contents of their speech.

Someone made them say it,
and most of us know it; so who would blame them for

not doing what they said!

Writing and speech-making seems to have gone on to

take the form described
above in our time. If you need anything saying

these days and you have the cash, you'd
always find someone ready and willing to do it for

you. Image makers push out propaganda to make

things seem the way they are not. So now people

up materials and all you need to do is append your

name to them. So much for
our literary contents these days. With the

existence of virtual assistants
some even piece-up a book in no time and publish

and have it up for sale as
their product without making any input whatsoever.

Even when they feel the
need to proof-read, they also hire another virtual

assistant. What a day we
live in! And why not, even some women would have

others carry their pregnancies for
them these days!

The world has become so easy, we ask others to do

for us the most personal of services.
Even when a husband mistakenly forgets that today

is his wedding anniversary
he asks someone in his office to go buy a gift for

his wife. Anything that
person feels is adequate for the occasion does it!

With writing, especially
on-line writing, you see contents being re-cycled

all over using the software
everyone knows exist today. Content managers, such

as article directories, should
not be so hard when they discover that what someone

has presented to them as
an original has actually been making the rounds for

a while.

Is it too late to stop the damage? To have writers

write their
inspiration and speakers speak from the depth of

their hearts? The art of
writing and speaking has been corrupted and is in

grave danger of being lost;
especially with the ease that the internet offers.

Will there be something
worth bequeathing to the next generation when it's

done. Shakespeare, nor
Julius Caesar did not get to be this way. It is

really up to us, writers and
publishers and speakers, what we make of today.

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